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Ceramic Cactus Measuring Spoons

Ceramic Cactus Measuring Spoons

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This Cactus Ceramic Measuring Spoon Set makes a one of a kind gift for many different occasions. Each measuring spoon is uniquely designed into a cactus shape with decorative flowers and thorns and nestled inside a measuring cup planter. It takes up minimal kitchen countertop space and is sure to brighten up your kitchen!

Additional Information

- 4 Measuring Spoons
- 1 Base Measuring Cup
- The bottom cup is marked with a scale
- Bottom cup can be used as a measuring cup
- Split design
- Multi-purpose
- Smooth glaze
- Easy to clean
- Dishwasher Safe

Base Sizing- Cactus Ceramic Measuring Spoon Set
- Diameter 10.1 cm
- 9.6 cm in height
- Without cover diameter 8.8 cm
- Bottom 7.1 cm
- Height 8.1 cm
- Water capacity 290 ml

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